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If you’re reading this, you’re probably asking yourself whether or not you even need to use Facebook for your business. Or you’ve already incorporated it into your business strategy and want to see real results, but aren’t sure where to start. That’s where our team at JJ Web Services comes in – with nearly 2 billion active people on Facebook every month, it’s crucial that you take advantage of the opportunity to gain new customers with Facebook marketing experts at...

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Why & How Website Audit is Important for Getting Success in Business

In today's business in order to attract new clients you must strive to keep up with the trends and stay ahead of the competition. Web content is vital for every business globally, but some topics and good practices get old and stale pretty quickly. This is why regular website audits are absolutely mandatory if you want to keep your website fresh and readable. Performing website audits can also improve the visibility and user-friendliness of your project. Why auditing is so...

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Be Number One On Google

How To Dominate Google in 2019

Five Actions that Will Help You to Rank High on Google and Increase Your Profit We are all aware of the importance of Google’s search ranking for the success of every business – no matter if it is an online or a physical one. In order to reach Google’s first page every website needs Search Engine Optimization. Proper SEO improvements are getting more and more complex and time-consuming as competition grows and Google guidelines are revised.   It is true...

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Over a Third of all Black Friday Web Sales Were Made on Smartphones

Mobile shoppers are throwing a brick through the wall of Black Friday convention.....Early figures indicate that consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to take care of their holiday buying needs.More than $2 billion of Black Friday sales were done on smartphones this year — blowing past a $1.4 billion record set by last year’s Cyber Monday shoppers, according to an Adobe Analytics report.Purchases made on mobile devices now account for just over one-third of Black Friday’s $6.2 billion...

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SEO Lessons: Understanding Google and How They Rank Websites

When creating a website, the main goal is to get noticed. The best way to get noticed is to ensure that your site is ranked well on Google. For newbies, this can be difficult to understand or may be confusing. Learn more about search engine optimization, or SEO, and how Google ranks websites will help you to better understand how to move your website up in rankings and get noticed. The Components of SEO Several components come together to create...

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Can Developers Help Generate More Traffic to Your Site?

When it comes to generating traffic to your website, most people focus on SEO. With SEO, keywords are used to bring people into your site based on what they are searching for. However, there are other ways to generate traffic. Website owners today are using tools created by themselves or from developers to generate more traffic. Getting to know such tools and utilizing them can help to bring about more traffic to your website. Ubersuggest One tool that is being...

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Do You Need Help With Your Website?

Need Help With Your Website? JJ Web Assistant Service

Nowadays every person and company has a website. The difference between those that are successful and those that are not seeing traffic is knowing the specifics of how to make your website relevant. You can search for any type of industry, and there will be thousands of websites that can provide you with whatever information or functionality you can think of. What companies must do is figure out how your website can stand out among the many. If you are...

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Website Consultant Turtle Lake WI

In this fast-paced, electronics focused society, the adage “a business without a sign is a sign of no business” applies to websites – a business without a website isn’t a business. Google and other search engines are the first places people turn to find information, services, and products they’re looking for. That means your business needs a great website that keeps up with current trends and has properly implemented SEO. This can seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to do...

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Fix WordPress Issues

Website Fix It Company Balsam Lake WI

Nothing is perfect, but in getting your business noticed online, a nearly perfect website can make a big difference. In Balsam Lake, a website fix it company can help determine what’s not working on your site and help you fix it. Everything from slow loading pages or features to errors or other aspects that make your site less user-friendly than it could be, a website fix it company can hone in on the problems and help you correct them. How...

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How to Turn your Passion into Profit

We all have pursuits we're passionate about. These are the things we spend our time talking about: the topics we could discuss with anyone for hours, the projects we daydream about, the pursuits we wish we could chase. Oftentimes these projects reflect gifts we have; things we're uniquely good at. We're naturally drawn to those things that we have a knack for and that bring us satisfaction and joy. What if you could take that thing, that passion, and monetize it?...

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Why Not Having HTTPS is Hurting Your Business

Have you heard that Google is strongly stressing website owners to have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) yet? You might have seen address bars with “Not Secure” within Chrome, or websites with warnings on them. Months ago warnings weren’t a thing, but Google is now cracking down on websites that don’t have HTTPS and SSL certificates. In September 2016, Google began making plans to create a more secure web. In January 2017, The Chromium Project, behind the Google Chrome browser, implemented the “Not Secure” warning...

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website maintenance

Why Website Maintenance Comes with a Price

At face value, a self-hosted WordPress website is an inexpensive investment. You'll pay from $5-$10 per month for basic hosting and your domain name which is going to run you around $100 a year. The problem is, a website isn't an entity that behaves well when you simply turn it on and let it do it's thing. It needs to be looked after and cared for. Without proper website maintenance, you're going to be looking at slow load times, downtime,...

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