Quality vs. Quantity: Maximize Content for SEO Banner

Quality vs. Quantity: Maximize Content for SEO

The Dirty Trap of Keyword Repetition It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that in order for your website to rank highly among search engines, you need to pack it full of repetitive keyword phrases and redundant content.  You might even think you can trick a search engine algorithm into noticing your site this way.  But instead of pushing traffic toward your site, you may actually be doing the opposite.  Algorithms are incredibly intelligent and programmed (and...

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Improve SEO Rankings

Improve SEO Rankings in Wisconsin

By now, most of us know that increasing web traffic is critical to business. More and more, people are turning to the internet to find goods and services. Gone are the days when everyone picked up a phone book or printed publication to find sales or services. These days, people simply log onto their computers, point and click.  This is why it's imperative to improve SEO rankings so that your consumers can find you. There was a time when people...

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Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Test it!

We’ve talked before on the blog about the importance of mobile access to your consumers.  But do you realize how critical making your website mobile friendly is?  According to this stat, 75% of Americans access the internet via their mobile devices.  That’s a massive statistic and an excellent reason to get your website in gear to become mobile friendly as soon as possible. When an individual makes use of the search engine on their phone, they’re going to see basically...

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3 Simple Web Marketing Strategies

In a world where digital media reigns supreme, ensuring your web marketing strategies are top notch can be the difference between sink or swim for your company.  Educating yourself and your team on these tactics will help you to stand out and catch the eye of your ideal audience in a digitally saturated culture.  Follow these steps and contact the professionals at JJ Web Services to get noticed and generate revenue. 1.  Leave a Great First Impression It may seem...

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Stay Relevant with Mobile App Development

According to the tech gurus at Business Insider, if you’re not building a mobile app to come alongside your website and brand, you’re falling behind.  Our world of technology, advertising, and connecting with consumers is a rapidly evolving one, but mobile phones are here to stay.  That’s not to say they won’t also adapt and change, because they are and will as will the usability of the mobile app, but staying on top of these developments can drive the success...

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domain name registration

Latest Web Design Trends to popular in 2015

Website design is a challenging and diverse industry which presents a full spectrum of possibilities every time you produce a modern website. Developing a website is about pushing your limits and imagination to a whole new level. It is an ever-evolving industry and for any designer expert it is necessary to stay update regarding the new trends. Over the years, website designing has seen a big change in terms of new styles for presenting graphics and layouts. There are many...

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Google Changes Search Policy

Google says get your websites mobile-friendly before April 21, 2015

Google has released a new update that websites that are mobile friendly will be given first preference when it comes to site ranking. This rule will be effective April 21, 2015. The new update clearly indicates that websites that are not optimized for mobile will have lower preference in search results. In 2014, Google started highlighting mobile friendly sites on search results. With the increasing use of mobile devices and internet users spending more time of smartphones and tablets, the...

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How to bring users on different channels?

Here are a few tips that will help you gain the attention of new users. Know how to engage and retain audience to get the most out of your social marketing. Use search optimization strategies in your social profiles. Your profile is the frost point of contact for a potential audience so make it sure it is branded as your corporate website. Use relevant keywords on facebook and Twitter to earn you visibility in search results. Try to think in...

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A Creative Briefing

Best Practices to get the most out of A Creative Briefing

However, it is not all about the creatives. The more time you spend on a concise brief, the less time you will spend on the phone or in meetings. You will be investing in productivity and will be in a better position to measure your goals against outcomes. The perks are in the form of a lot of time saved and less blockages throughout the rest of your campaign timeline. It is said that when content is focused on an...

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Print Marketing

Why Print Marketing is still alive and kicking?

As technology continues to advance, many have considered print marketing as a dead zone and online marketing the light of the future torch. Let me tell you this, the print industry is far from dead and is going no where. Let me shed light on this with the following points: Variable printing is not a new process and has been used more frequently than anyone can imagine. It is being seen commonly as advancements in printing technology have lowered the...

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Tips for Improving Retargeting Ads

There many elements to consider in a good ad, but with a few attempts and alterations, you will find those award winning ads. You have to bring freshness to your ads in terms of a new message, a theme or you can even tell a story. In this article, we have provided a few tips to create anti fatigue ads. 1. Using relevant keywords and relevant themes is pretty obvious, yet it is overlooked. A consistency between keyword terms people...

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Content Writing Tips

9 Tips: It is Time to Connect Your Content Marketing to Your Business

Brands are increasingly recognizing content marketing as a valuable tool and t are investing accordingly. As the content marketing scene is never constant, here are a few rule of thumb strategies that always work: An experienced content marketer will always know to create content that will attract short term attention span. This is not for interns or any random person who can craft a few lines. It may all sound really simple, but when you get down to the details,...

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