5 Simple To-dos To Get Your Mobile SEO Rolling Banner
Mobile Marketing

5 Simple To-dos To Get Your Mobile SEO Rolling

Mobile marketing is booming, but when you discover that you really have no concrete plan or strategy to reach mobile searchers, a panic sets in. We have been there before, and there is no need to worry. Here, are a few simple tips to help you recover from your panic attack and prepare you for a time in future when most web traffic comes from mobile devices. 1. Read Books may become outdated, but it is a good place to...

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5 SEO concepts that have faded away with 2013

The foundation of SEO may have not changed much over the past 15 years, but the concept of creating good content and obtaining quality links definitely have. Here are a list of concepts that have faded with 2013. 1. Keywords are essential To Search Results The search is not about keywords but the intent. The average user realizes that they do no have to use the word 'buy' in the query when they have to buy something. They can simply...

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The 80/20 Social Media Formula: Only 20 Percent is Promotional

The 80-20 rule is a part of a social media strategy. This means only 20 percent of your content should be promotional, the rest can be content that really interests your audience and engages them in conversations. . Just because social media is a part of your marketing mix that does not mean you should force feed online sales pitch. It is about building relationships rather than annoying your audience with irrelevant content and talking about you constantly. Being social...

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ReTargeting Marketing

Five Retargeting Predictions for 2014

Predictions are a way of comparing now and then. You will come across many during the Holidays. Let us indulge in some predictions for re-targeting. 1. Mobile re-targeting Mobile devices are populating a large portion of traffic to e-commerce sites. With smartphone and tablet penetration, these numbers are set to grow more in 2014. Mobile technology is set to capture this market. This yea everyone worked towards getting app downloads and conversions, but very few concentrated on re-engaging with the...

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Blog Tips

Simple WordPress Tips To Get Your Blog Running

WordPress is a platform for writing professional blogs. Its flexibility cannot be duplicated by many CMS systems. We have highlighted some tips to enable you to blog on WordPress quickly. If your post has a long title, adjust your permalink. Instead of having top tips for couples to enjoy their relationship. You can instead have your permalink as “relationship-tips-couples” or anything similar to this, that basically captures your keywords. One powerful tool is video as it can convey messages more...

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Google Adwords

3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Google Adwords

We all want to know more about these Google Adwords. For the ones new to it, Adwords are the ads you see on the top and side of Google when you enter in a search. You will find companies fighting to get at the top of every search. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before getting started. This will not answer all your questions about Google Ad words, but it is a start. 1. The...

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Three Ways to Recycle Your Blog

Sometimes we focus too much on the content, forgetting that we have to market it properly as well. Not only that, it is equally important to breathe life into your old blogs and check it's health. A blog can become cluttered with dead content and links or depend on an out-of-date template. What can turn your old blog to getting conversions? Try re-gaining the link benefits you once had. Keep a constant check on the conversions and have compelling content...

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Effective Email Sign Ups

6 Tips to Grow Your Subscribers With Your Newsletters

Websites and e-commerce businesses may earn loads with their newsletters, but small business face a challenge. However it gets harder for the smaller businesses. In spite of this, newsletters are powerful tools. You just have to be more resourceful, creative, and goal-oriented with your approach. Readers are different from your normal customers. You will not have consumers going gaga about the latest digital marketing technique. Words have power Some terms in newsletter marketing have been replaced with those less reminiscent...

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WordPress Website Review

Why Should You Capture Mails On Social?

Whether you are posting to fans and followers or advertising, converting social mobile consumers from their news feed directly on to the path to purchase is tedious. However, marketers can easily combat this. Social maybe a good top-of-the-funnel channel, but unless you can connect it to middle-funnel tactics, you will never get complete value. Let me explain: 1. Low cost Email capture is great to reach out to millions of new customers with social ad targeting and mature buying. With...

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Brand Embassador

The Most Potent Formula For Success On Social Media: Brand Ambassadors

Providing social measurements for social media promotions will be the focus of all marketers this coming year. Measuring your success with your Facebook followers is not a benchmark anymore. You can get them in a number of ways, including buying them. You can get success and have a focused strategy by activating and working with brand ambassadors. Step 1: Metrics should show quality Tracking social media ROI is a question of examining followers versus influencers. Facebook likes and twitter followers...

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Thank You

9 Ways to Authentically Thank Your Customers

Marketers spend a lot of time on improving first impression. Are you spending time on saying a 'Thank You'? So how are you saying “thank you”? It builds a bond between a customer and you. Here are some tips to leverage your thank you's. 1. Shopping You always thank someone when they give you money, so how are you thanking your customers? A line on the receipt is not sufficient. You will need a beautiful design and also a to...

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Zen Tip

Tips To Achieve a Zen like State in Marketing & be Mentally Active

This article is more on the humanistic aspect. When you are working in an online marketing agency or a corporate, stress eventually gets to you, instead of ideas. Make an environment in your mind that is conducive for generating ideas. We have listed a few simple tricks to get more ideas if you are running out on some on a busy Internet Marketing day. 1. Have fun with marketing. That's right. Concentrate on the opportunities to build something rather than...

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