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SEO Services: The Proof is in the Statistics

Your company is doing a great job with print advertising. You're in the papers, up on billboards, and plugging into periodicals. Although operating with a marketing mindset is key to expanding your business platform, the methods of marketing have changed drastically from when print was king.  Print is yet to be considered fully dead, but it doesn't take a genius to understand that in order to be seen, one must go to where consumers are. And that's in the digital...

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SEO tips

Top SEO Tips for 2017

Since we're well established in the new year, you've likely already been strategizing with your SEO team on how to organically rise to the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) you're looking to rank on.  Your plan is well laid out and you're ready to tackle this constantly evolving creature head on.  Or maybe you haven't and it's already February and you're in a panic. Don't worry; there's still time to catch up. We've got some well informed...

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Quality vs. Quantity: Maximize Content for SEO

The Dirty Trap of Keyword Repetition It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that in order for your website to rank highly among search engines, you need to pack it full of repetitive keyword phrases and redundant content.  You might even think you can trick a search engine algorithm into noticing your site this way.  But instead of pushing traffic toward your site, you may actually be doing the opposite.  Algorithms are incredibly intelligent and programmed (and...

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Stay Relevant with Mobile App Development

According to the tech gurus at Business Insider, if you’re not building a mobile app to come alongside your website and brand, you’re falling behind.  Our world of technology, advertising, and connecting with consumers is a rapidly evolving one, but mobile phones are here to stay.  That’s not to say they won’t also adapt and change, because they are and will as will the usability of the mobile app, but staying on top of these developments can drive the success...

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Black hat seo

Avoid the Black Hat Techniques for SEO

In the domain of online marketing, black hat is a term that refers to cheating and manipulating search engines for better and higher rankings. These techniques are frequently used by many online marketing ‘experts’ to improve the visibility of their websites in online search results. It goes without saying that reputed search engines are getting wise to these unnatural and unethical techniques. Nevertheless, these practices continue to loom large. Here a few black hat techniques that a real SEO professional...

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website traffic

Focus on Targeted Website Traffic is Important

For a business that invests in search engine optimization, the value proposition must be relevant to the target market. For this the market comprising target customers needs to be carefully and clearly defined. This is even more important for a business that also sells it products and services online - it needs to ensure that there is well defined targeted website traffic. Often, enterprises have to refocus and revisit their targeting, especially when it was not clearly identified at a...

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