5 Silly Content Promotion Mistakes

5 Silly Content Promotion Mistakes

You have created content- a blog, report or even a video –  with an expectation that it will generate some activity. Guess what, that does not happen. You might beat yourself down by asking what went wrong? What makes one piece of content get thousands of views and shares, while the other does not reach that far?

We all have this familiar feeling. Your job is not complete once you hit the publish button. Below are some of the mistakes that I was making that you might find helpful.

  1. Crossing over For instance, I build a landing page with my best content and have already started scheming on how great I am going to be. Now I can relax and sit back. Not yet, your task is still left on standby. How will people know that you exist? You need to work on your promotion strategy and follow through on each item. If you have spent five hours on content, then spend five more hours on promotion. What is the point of creating fabulous content when people cannot find you through social media, emails, etc.

  2. Try paid Social Media Promotion for a change

    Have you considered using paid ads to promote your content? While every marketer would not opt for this, it is good tool to leverage your content. Social media can help you out with the initial sending. For your content to take flight,  Facebook offers many ways to target users based on their interests and demographics. You can also try targeting new people of similar interests on Facebook and Twitter. You can export a list of all the people who have a similar piece of content from you and then upload them to Facebook to create a look alike audience. You also have other social platforms with big reach and paid options, such as StumbleUpon and soon even Pinterest!

  3. The sharing dilemma
    Do you have sharing icons on your blog? How many obstacles do I have to get over to share it with my network? Simply give your audience the chance to share. You could try, the lazy tweet, which you can include in both your email as well as your content. Less is more and you cannot include sharing icons on every blog because it will simply confuse the reader. Just optimize the networks where your audience hangs out the most, as simple as that.

  4. Posting Shady content

    There is just no excuse for bad spelling and grammar. Lets be frank, no one would go get past the first paragraph if it is poorly constructed. Besides, you as an author would loose your credibility. I would share only striking content with my friends and so the feeling is mutual.

    After all, what people share with their network directly reflects on their own credibility. If you write about what you do instead of how you solve your readers’ problems, you content will loose its charm.

  5. Same message to all networks

    This is easy, isn’t it? Not quite. It lacks personalization which can deteriorate the experience of your audience.Make them valuable and feel that the creation is for them. Use data to segment and target, based on what you know about your readers, if you have to.Take one piece of content and break it out into multiple social media posts. You can grab an image from the content and post it to Facebook. Take a quote out of a blog post and tweet it. These are all great ways to connect with your audience and encouraging them to keep coming back for more.

Are you using social media in the best ways possible?

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