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Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services – Converting traffic to sales / income!

Our Internet marketing solutions are not limited to search engine rankings or even conversion rates; we care about the client’s bottom line. In order to create the best value for our clients, we add a secret ingredient to our strategies that make us stand out from the rest and allow or rapid change in the quickly evolving markets.

It is easy to get intimidated to be the ‘next big thing’ and just want to be noticed by anybody for anything. A clear objective and a sharp strategy is essential or your activities could turn into scrap. Our Internet marketing solutions are result oriented.

We assist with quality incoming referral links i.e: social media, press release & article marketing, classified ad creation and email advertising, as well. Our verified business listing submissions secure local search placement.

3 reasons why our Internet marketing solutions are so hot:

1. Promotes your business with a customized website
2. Generates Qualified Traffic
3. Retains Rankings, Current Customers and Convert New Leads

#1. Promote your business with a customized website

  • Your customized website must be:
    • Attractive – designed to reflect your unique brand
    • Informative – include quality content
    • Quick and Easy to Navigate
    • Functional – save you time, and/or make you money!
      • Collect new leads with email sign ups and contact forms

You have your website, now what?

#2. Generate Qualified Traffic

  • Guarantee visibility in major search engines with Search Engine Optimization for your website
    • Discover profitable and popular search phrases to attract your target market
  • Quality incoming referral links i.e.: Social Media, Press Release & Article Marketing, Classified Ad Creation
  • Verified business listing submissions that secure local search placement

You have qualified traffic to your website & a growing customer base, now what?

#3. Retain Rankings, Current Customers and Convert New Leads

Keep your business, your brand and your services in front of your customers before and after the sale.

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Our top selling Internet Marketing Services:


Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not about stuffing words. It is about using smart techniques to ensure your site is  designed, built, written and linked to in such a way that Google and other search engines rate it highly, customers find you and make sales. Our versatile SEO strategies cover a range of sites from budget-conscious start-ups and small businesses to multinational brands.


Our Pay Per Click (PPC) services aim to get you the complete value for your money.
The first thing we do is save clients money by cutting out non-converting traffic and rewriting ads to maximize click-through rates. This brings down the cost of conversion and increases the actual number of sales.

Social Media:

We are passionate about social media marketing. We develop competent social media strategies which complement overall marketing plans. Our  maturity in this field indicates that we are already ahead in this game.

Email Marketing

We know how to enable you to make the most of your email marketing.
We will also advise you on best practice, when to send your emails and how to build and manage your database.

Our SEO and Marketing Experience guarantees visibility of your business, traffic to your website and a marketing plan to make your business profitable and efficient.

Personal website design, website consulting and screen share training sessions are available by appointment.

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