Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing $35 - $100

Email Marketing with JJ Web Services

Do you want to expand your business?
Then you need an email marketing solution! We offer email marketing online software and program services and consulting using MailChimp for our email marketing services. MailChimp offers free services for personal and business accounts with less than 2,000 emails on their list. You can setup your account, we can help, or we can we complete all the setup for you!

Have time today to create an email ad for next month?
GREAT! You can create your email ads and schedule them to send out 365 days in advance!

You can email your web page, flyer, image, or brochure to your email list. Whatever you can send us, we can send out!

With our email marketing solutions, your subscribers can manage their own information and you’re able to send out one email to unlimited email addresses! MailChimp is even programmed to send one email at a time, so less emails are filtered into junk and spam folders.

This is incredibly easy to use: if you have a computer or mobile device with Internet access, you can do this!


  • Supports an unlimited number of mailing lists and newsletters
  • Uses a confirmed opt-in method to prevent malicious behavior
  • Tracks full statistics with each email marketing campaign including views, opens, and clicks on each link
  • Supports HTML and TEXT newsletters
  • Automatically creates newsletter signup forms that can be placed on any web site
  • Option to personalize your newsletters by including the subscribers name, email and other demographic information that you collect. For example, “Dear John Doe,”
  • Includes option to forward newsletter to a friend and share on social sites

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