Five Retargeting Predictions for 2014

Predictions are a way of comparing now and then. You will come across many during the Holidays. Let us indulge in some predictions for re-targeting.

1. Mobile re-targeting

Mobile devices are populating a large portion of traffic to e-commerce sites. With smartphone and tablet penetration, these numbers are set to grow more in 2014. Mobile technology is set to capture this market. This yea everyone worked towards getting app downloads and conversions, but very few concentrated on re-engaging with the users that have either already visited the mobile website or have downloaded the mobile app. The major challenges in re-targeting include integrating users and impressions across mobile web and apps, having a unified message and finding alternative tracking mechanisms to the eternal cookie.

2. Seeking other tracking methods

Identifying your users will be critical in the next few years. From the re-targeting view, alternative solutions to cookie based tracking will start soon formally in the marketplace. Some of these technologies might include fingerprinting, matching of desktop and mobile device cookies, and device IDs. This will make it easy for advertisers to determine user interest, sequencing of messages in banners, and also the ability to track and respond to a conversion.

 3. Facebook Ads

Facebook has added significantly to impression volumes since the launch of its re-targeting capabilities. Facebook’s ability to serve dynamic ads based on known user preferences with Newsfeed will become a key contributor to conversions. A newsfeed re-targeting ads has a CTR 49 times THAN at of ads on the right hand pane.

 4. E-commerce going global

In terms of absolute sales, China and Japan will soon become at par with mature markets like U.S. and Europe. The Advertisers in these markets will soon turn into mature users of re-targeting.

 5. For  Business

Conversion based re-targeting campaigns in B2C online businesses such as e-commerce, hotels, etc. and B2B companies will plan to include re-targeting in their digital marketing mix. Although, these campaigns might retain a lead generation or sign-up focus, advertisers will start to look at re-targeting as a method to drive product communication and deep awareness.