Five Simple Development Tips that will make your Mobile App Stand Unique

In the year 2013, there has been a number of people browsing the Internet with their mobile phones. This is expected to race ahead of those using laptops, tablets, and desktop computers combined.

Here are five development tips to help your mobile app stand out from the crowd.

No skeuomorphic design!
Skeuomorphic design is nothing but designing apps to look like the physical object they represent. Apple’s Notes application, with a design that incorporates the torn-off pages and leather-bound border of a physical notebook, is an example of this design approach. If we see the overall picture, these designs miss out on the usability aspect, and that is why they are dying out.

Develop Location and push
Smartphone users are too familiar with push notifications. Push notifications are the alerts that produce a sound or vibration to inform the user, even when the app is switched off.

Location software is essential for businesses as it gives the location of a smartphone user, that helps companies to send more targeted information or advertising. The evolution of location and push technology is taking place, and mobile app development teams are awakening to the possibilities.

More than Buttons
Users interact with mobile apps with buttons. As novel app interfaces are created, the simple button has lost it’s attraction. Buttons are definitely going to be there, but with other methods of interaction, such as pinches and swipes, the developers have many more options.

Point of difference
Users are bombarded with many apps these days. The responsibility lies with the app development teams to produce apps that help businesses stand out from the crowd. This is a big challenge in the crowded marketplace. You will find lots of companies who do so, but only few deliver.

Connectivity is still building on. Recently, it is the Smart television, that syncs mobile apps on television. The next big thing is the car, that will offer smooth integration over the year ahead, giving leading brands and mobile app developers plenty to think about.