Landscaping Business Website Design and SEO

Stop worrying about your website design and get back to creating those beautiful landscapes. All while your potential customers find you!

Landscaping Business Website Design and SEO

Ready to start creating or updating your Landscaping Business website design?

We know that finding the right way to market your landscaping business can be very difficult. Between worrying about all the work you have to do, managing schedules and clients, and of course all the basic business needs like accounts payable and receivable. There isn’t much time for anything else.

Not only that, but you're an expert at what you do - not online software or marketing services.

That’s where the folks here at JJ Web Services come in.

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- now is the time to be online selling your products and services!

Incorporating a Solid Web Design

Your website is the part of your business that most potential clients or customers will see first. It is where they will get information and details about what it is that you do. It’s where they will look at pictures of your previous landscaping jobs. It is also where they can read testimonials about your work.

Making sure that you get the best online presentation is about much more than just looks. It also means that your site should be easy to use and go from one location to the next. The visuals and sounds should be pleasant and easy on the senses, not loud and bright. These and many other factors help to give you the best design possible.




Utilizing Social Media

Too many companies are neglecting their social media marketing. In fact, many of them don’t even have accounts or if they do, they are inactive. Not only does that not bring you new business, someone could come across your inactive account and assume you’re out of business. Social media is becoming the global source for instant info. Don't let bad social media ruin your clients' perception of your company.

Keeping Up to Date on SEO

Being able to find your website online is obviously important. By designing your site to be SEO-friendly and filling it with content that will do the same, we can help to make sure that your business and brand are getting as much growth and exposure as possible. Additionally, we can even localize this service if you need to compete harder in your own area.