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 About Our Content Writers:


Caitlin is a writer with a keen attention to detail, conscientious and efficient approach to her work, and innovative style.  She is passionate about great writing and excellent presentation and has a natural propensity for visual appeal and flow in her writing and delivery.  She is a recovering perfectionist, giving her an advantageous position in the writing and web design industry.

Through starting and running a blog, managing the office and marketing for a small business, and her college education, Caitlin has acquired the skills that make her adept at writing, editing, marketing, social media advertising and promotion, newsletter crafting, graphic development, communications, and more.  Caitlin is intelligent, focused, and driven to deliver above-average, quality workmanship in her professional and personal life.

Personal:  Caitlin lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Ethan, and son, Oliver.  When she’s not reading or writing, she loves to spend time outside with her family and consume copious amounts of coffee, chocolate, and Italian cuisine.   She also enjoys coaching local volleyball teams and does some refereeing of the game when an opportunity arises.



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Jim provides a wealth of experience in marketing and advertising as well as graphic design, content writing, and SEO. He has been helping businesses attract and keep new clients through marketing and online commerce for more than 15 years.

Jim has an innate understanding of what makes a strong ad, logo, or website. He is also excellent at providing keyword-rich copy that will help your business market more effectively to your potential customer base.

Education: Journalism major with a minor in marketing from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, Wisconsin.

Personal:  A married father of two, Jim is a busy guy. On off days, he can frequently be found yelling at the television at his favorite sports teams or following his son’s basketball and football teams around western Wisconsin.

Our Content Writing SEO Process:

1. First, we’ll review your current website and content.

2. Next, we’ll build a keyword list if you don’t already have one. If you do have one, we’ll review that and add anything that we think would be valuable to your SEO.

3. We’ll then create a Word document with current and new content and submit for your approval.

4. This new content will be sent to you (or whomever you specify) for review, revisions, and publishing.

5. We will then either complete the remaining new content in a Word document and continue sending it to you for revision and publishing or we’ll post directly to your website once you’re comfortable with our work; whichever you prefer.

*When/if we add the content to your website, we will also review and improve the SEO score for the content. (These will be minor improvements that might be missed in first copy).