Availability. Timely work performance. Reasonable Cost.

Graphic Design Services

“We received a clear, concise, very well written e-marketing piece. We placed a call, they called back promptly.

“Services offered are clearly stated clean/uncluttered website. Details and pricing stated up front.”

What is one thing JJ Web does really well:

“Listen. Working with JJ staff; they listen; they ask appropriate questions and clarify in order to produce a high quality product availability.

Anything we could do better?:

“Continue as you are: your integrity and quality of product and service are excellent at a very reasonable cost.

How likely are you to refer a friend or colleague, on a scale of 1-10?:


“Promotional materials are specific in describing the services offered, staff listens, asks good questions, are very adept at troubleshooting and resolution.

Availability. Timely work performance. Reasonable Cost.