Tips for Improving Retargeting Ads

There many elements to consider in a good ad, but with a few attempts and alterations, you will find those award winning ads. You have to bring freshness to your ads in terms of a new message, a theme or you can even tell a story. In this article, we have provided a few tips to create anti fatigue ads.

1. Using relevant keywords and relevant themes is pretty obvious, yet it is overlooked. A consistency between keyword terms people are searching for and the keywords that appear in the ads is important. In case of image related re-targeting, it is important to use topics/themes that will resonate with your audience. A fashion conscious person will be interested in new styles, celebrity fashion tips, etc.

2. Think for a while and come up with ads that cater to your customer’s needs and requirements. Ads that focus on customer benefits will hold more attention of your audience than an average one. Keep in mind what the customer wants to know how they will benefit.

Using the above example, here are some examples of customer benefits related to the fashion industry:

  • Do you want to have a new hair style?

  • What are the must haves in a wardrobe?

3. We have all come across ads that stand out. Some of the common elements they seem to have are quality of images, overall design, the font and font size, and color scheme/contrast. Unreadable text and crowded wording are a strict ‘no-no’, which means shortening the text and making it BIG.

4. The best part about re-tartgeting is that marketing messages can be changed based on visitors’ actions. Pursue people who visit a home page differently from the way you pursue people who have abandoned a cart. You can tie remarketing messages to specific items in the abandoned cart. It also makes sense to change the messaging if visitors abandon the cart on several occasions before making a purchase.

5. Creating a Limited-time offers create a sense of urgency and encourage people to take a call to action.

Some limited time offer examples are:

  • Sale up to 50% — offer ends Thursday

  • Offer only for the next 4 hours

6. Start with a clear marketing objective, such as acquiring an email address, selling a product, etc. Mould these objectives into specific calls to action.

Here are some examples:

  • Act Now
  • Start Today
  • Enroll Now

You could also have a mini conversion that eventually leads to the main conversion event.

7. People are attracted to ads and improving the image in your ads is the first thing to do. Changes in the images can boost ad performance up to 100 percent. This is something I say from my experience in testing. For example, a company in the fashion industry can use an images of designers and style icons

In our testing, these type of images tend to work well:

  • Stylish women celebrities

  • Images with action or that demonstrate some kind of involvement

  • Incorporating words into images