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Website Examples and References Banner

Website Examples and References

Here are some of our clients and a few of the websites we’ve loved crafting and working with.

SEO / Marketing

Applegate Properties LLC

We did a quick redesign for TJ (our client) and she also approves eight hours every month for SEO and marketing. We created the blog and blog articles and continue to help this website grow. TJ has only been a client for a few months, but we’re seeing regular improvement and it’s refreshing to work on the same website month after month and get a front row seat to growth. There’s nothing particularly fancy about this website, but it’s doing its job well.


Earth Energy Systems

Our client, Bruce, has been with JJ Web Services since May of 2006. We’re hired to help with his search engine rankings and to keep his website updated. We also collaborated with a company to create a mobile app for his business. We don’t work with Bruce on a monthly basis, but we do enjoy regularly helping him out when he needs it.


Roche’s Pedigree German Shepherds

Jeff and Rhonda hire us for their website updates and SEO. Not only do we enjoy working with Jeff and Rhonda, but we love seeing photos of cute puppies; that brightens anyone’s day. Jeff has been a client since 2012 except for a short stint with Wildfire SEO in 2014. Jeff wanted to Julie to guarantee a specific ranking on Google, Julie was frank and told him she couldn’t guarantee anything from Google since she wasn’t the owner, so he tried his luck elsewhere and returned a year later. Julie will be honest with the abilities of her team at JJ Web Services but will also do everything she can to get you and your company where you want to be. This client is the perfect example of that.


CWS Security Watch

We worked alongside CWS’s graphic designer, Linda, and loved the final product. It’s a couple of years old as of 2018, but still looks great and accomplishes its purpose.


Nanez Family Lofts

The Flash animated header that we did years ago is a highlight of this website. This site also features WooCommerce for selling their birds.




This website features WooCommerce and a current standings system that we created with code. The client simply uploads an Excel spreadsheet outlining the results of the competition and the database automatically crunches the numbers to display the corresponding points for each member and then presents the current standings. This site saves the owner immense time and is fully manageable by their team. We are hired on an ongoing basis if our client, Jessica, wants help with anything.


Luck Saddlery and Outfitters

Our client, Paulette, is one of our first clients that came on board with JJ Web Services in 1998. Her website features WooCommerce for her store, and Paulette manages her products and inventory herself. We are hired when she needs helps with anything.



Western Concrete: Contact Gayle via email at or call her at 715-268-9764.

Onsite Medical Service: Contact Bob via email at or call him at 877-972-2281.

Blindspot Advisors:  This is a company that we work for. Contact Gran via email at or call him at 952-292-5614.

If you’ve been curating a website for any amount of time, you’ve likely discovered that it takes a village. Or more accurately, a team. The best results for a website build, updates, and smooth functionality encompass a team of skilled individuals all working toward the same goal: a website that gives the user what he or she needs. That could be information, a product, a service, or whatever else you may be selling. Here are some key pieces we offer for a successful website:

Graphic Design

JJ Web Services, your designer, Blindspot Advisor’s designer; you get to choose here. We collaborate well and know how to work with outside contractors.

SEO Expertise

You don’t want a jack of all trades for your SEO. You want someone that does this every day and stays up to date with the SEO changes. You need an expert. If you want to be on page 1 of the SERPs (search engine results pages), you can’t be a month behind on Google rules. JJ Web Services offers SEO, but we’re smart enough to have an SEO expert complete the work while Julie oversees the process and completion.


It’s imperative that you work with a developer who knows code and the ins and outs of the coding world. You cannot have any extra code on your website slowing it down or mucking up your site. We hire developers that work day after day specifically on website code. These are the specialists and the ones creating and dreaming up the best parts of the web.

Dreamers and Project Managers

A project manager is the fuel to your website’s engine. This the person that keeps everyone on track, but also infuses the project and dream with new ideas and fresh thoughts. They are masters of thinking outside of the box, innovating, and keeping even the most frustrating projects moving forward.

Content Writers

This is another position on the team that can be filled by you or by JJ Web Services. Sometimes our clients prefer to do their own writing and then have our team jazz it up with some SEO. Other times clients give us a topic, our content writers create the copy, and then the client revises or approves as they see fit. And then we have clients that give us full control and take a quick look after it’s all said and done. Whatever works best for your skillset, team, and timeframe is what we’ll make happen.