Why Print Marketing is still alive and kicking?

As technology continues to advance, many have considered print marketing as a dead zone and online marketing the light of the future torch. Let me tell you this, the print industry is far from dead and is going no where.

Let me shed light on this with the following points:

  1. Variable printing is not a new process and has been used more frequently than anyone can imagine. It is being seen commonly as advancements in printing technology have lowered the cost. It allows you to uniquely customize each piece of media by changing certain elements from piece to piece, taking advantage of the power of complex personalization. Personalized printing is much powerful than a personalized email, because the audience can recognize that it takes more effort to customize print media than digital.

  2. With the smart phones and tablet technologies developing, the print media also is developing. Nowadays, QR codes and NFC technology make it possible for your print media to directly connect customers to your website. Tap the print media against your mobile device, and the NFC chip will instantly connect you to the website. These technologies can be easily used in more creative ways than simply connecting your audience to a website. They can be used in much better ways than merely connecting your audience to a website.

  3. Social media can be synced with any print marketing campaign. In fact, it is difficult to find a business card from a serious entrepreneur without his or her Facebook address, Twitter address, or other social networking URL printed on it. Print media and social media have complement each other, one supports the other. When you add comments and testimonials from your social networking profiles to your print designs, you can make your print marketing efforts shine.

  4. With companies competing against each other, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in the crowd. With complete focus on Internet marketing, there is a void that needs to be filled in the space of print marketing. No matter how critical digital marketing becomes, there always a large audience you can reach through print marketing and direct mail campaigns.

  5. The ‘death of print propagandist forget that print media is much more than your typical paper products, such as business cards, brochures, and presentation folders. Print media can include promotional freebies, such as drinkware, stickers, keychains, or even apparel such as t-shirts and buttons. Your audience is more likely to keep these for longer time, building a stronger impression with your audience. Even an inanimate object can be embedded with your brand’s logo and integrated into your marketing campaign. A branded napkin at an award function is all it takes sometimes.

Even though print marketing can get you success and fame, it does not guarantee it. Nothing can replace an effective print strategy that will put your brand in the spotlight.

Be original and put some real thought to it.