9 Tips: It is Time to Connect Your Content Marketing to Your Business

Brands are increasingly recognizing content marketing as a valuable tool and t are investing accordingly. As the content marketing scene is never constant, here are a few rule of thumb strategies that always work:

  1. An experienced content marketer will always know to create content that will attract short term attention span. This is not for interns or any random person who can craft a few lines. It may all sound really simple, but when you get down to the details, there is specialization and focus required.

  2. Your team would probably have content writers, seeders, influences, data analysts, outreach specialists, sales representatives and even customer relationship managers to complete the cycle. Seeders are those guys that can penetrate the influential and most relevant niches of social networks, amplifying the effect of your content. They could be influences itself.

  3. Content marketing has its own goals, KPI’s and dimensions to measure results. It should not be ignored. Traditional marketing to measure content results is not going to work. Content marketing requires you to have a set of KPIs and success metrics. It is not a good idea to have the same KPIs as other marketing channels as they might not be relevant here. It is about fostering relationships and something intangible like relationships cannot be easily measured. For example, overall site visits may be a great metric for SEO, but for measuring content, introducing customer-centric metrics works the best.

  4. Successful brands in content marketing make it a point to extend their funnel higher as they nurture relationships by creating loyal communities around their brands. Building communities is often the abandoned part of content marketing. The conversion time may be lengthy, but the result for your patience is loyal followers. It can broaden your marketing funnel as it builds relationships by creating loyal communities around the brands.

  5. Online reputation can increase dramatically with good content. Search Engine Optimization may rely on third party online entities, but content marketing with your own creations proves to be an easier way.

  6. When preparing content, always keep this question in your head, what are the problems that your content can help resolve? Search for these frequently asked questions, research solutions and answer them. If you can solve a problem or answer a query, prospects are more likely to develop a positive opinion of your brand.

  7. Content marketing maybe different from other marketing channels, but the overall goal remains the same ie customer acquisition and retention. Therefore, it is important for content marketers to talk and sync up with other channels and agree on performance metrics in advance.

  8. If you are a consumer business, then there is no harm in creating content in quantity. In fact, content marketing can perform really well compared to SEO, PPC or Display when it comes to numbers. However, if you are a B2B brand, it is better to stick to quality rather than quantity as a few good ideas will work better than  heaps of inferior leads.

  9. If you want to take a prospect from awareness, interest, evaluation to referral, you have to come up with the right message for each stages.