9 Tips: It is Time to Connect Your Content Marketing to Your Business

Content Writing Tips

Brands are increasingly recognizing content marketing as a valuable tool and t are investing accordingly. As the content marketing scene is never constant, here are a few rule of thumb strategies that always work: An experienced content marketer will always know to create content that will attract short term attention span. This is not for…

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9 Ways to Authentically Thank Your Customers

Thank You

Marketers spend a lot of time on improving first impression. Are you spending time on saying a ‘Thank You’? So how are you saying “thank you”? It builds a bond between a customer and you. Here are some Ways to Authentically Thank Your Customers. 1. Shopping You always thank someone when they give you money,…

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Steps on Creating a Review Funnel


Sometimes marketers feel helpless when it comes to positive reviews. You cannot control what your customers think about you, can you? If you want to keep your good name and avoid PR mishaps, you you absolutely cannot buy or create fake reviews. Getting realistic reviews is all a numbers game. How to increase your numbers…

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