Quality vs. Quantity: Maximize Content for SEO

contentThe Dirty Trap of Keyword Repetition

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that in order for your website to rank highly among search engines, you need to pack it full of repetitive keyword phrases and redundant content.  You might even think you can trick a search engine algorithm into noticing your site this way.  But instead of pushing traffic toward your site, you may actually be doing the opposite.  Algorithms are incredibly intelligent and programmed (and reprogrammed regularly) to flesh out content that’s meaningful and useful for its users.


Stay Genuine

What does this mean for you in the creation of your copy?  First of all (and most importantly), be genuine.  If your text is beginning to feel gimmicky and repetitive, it probably is.  Take a step back and create content that’s going to provide value to your readers because this is what will be recognized and floated to the top of the ranks.


…But Be SEO Smart

That’s not to say that keywords don’t matter; they do.  They’re vital to your SEO ranking.  I know this is getting confusing, but stick with me here.  When you’re creating your content, focus on quality with a keyword assigned to each page used once in the title, header, meta tags, and gently interspersed throughout the copy.  The goal here is to not overdo it.  Keep it natural and Google will reward you for it.


Unveiling the Magic of Google

How does Google perform this magical flakey content recognition?  It’s a little something termed latent semantic indexing (LSI) which considers aspects such as context, location, synonyms, word variation, natural language queries, and concept matching when providing search results.  Google wants to provide relevant, useful information to its users and will actually penalize you for keyword density overkill.


Find Balance

So here’s your homework:  create content throughout your website focused on quality versus keyword quantity.  Make your copy interesting, genuine, and pertinent to your target audience while carefully applying proper SEO techniques.  Quick tip:  create your text first, and then go back and add in your keyword where it seems most natural.  Molding your keyword to your content instead of your content to your keyword may help you put the focus back where it needs to be for great rankings.


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