Tips To Achieve a Zen like State in Marketing & be Mentally Active

Zen Tip

This article is more on the humanistic aspect. When you are working in an online marketing agency or a corporate, stress eventually gets to you, instead of ideas. Make an environment in your mind that is conducive for generating ideas.

We have listed a few simple tricks to get more ideas if you are running out on some on a busy Internet Marketing day.

1. Have fun with marketing. That’s right. Concentrate on the opportunities to build something rather than the negatives. You can have fun anywhere, and you can definitely have it at work.

2. Take a stroll each day. You cannot work for 8 hours straight or else you might get a bit paranoid. Take a break and especially a walk for about 10-20 min. You will be as good as new.

3. If you are obsessive about checking your mail every now and then, and ignore the impending projects, you are about to get stressed. You can limit your checking to four times a day. It will save you a lot of time. You cannot complete your project with your eyes focused on the mail.

4. Make sure you keep in a 40 hour a week. If you think that by putting in a 50-60 hour a week, you are being efficient, that is not true. Find ways to delegate work and get things done. To have a good quality life, it is important that you do not strain.

5. When you are loaded with work, and feel it is too much to take, then take a deep breath. Think of it this way. Is anyone going to die, if it does not get done? Do you absolutely need to do it today? It is better to choose the critical things on the list and not worry about it.

6. Listen To Music. This needs no explanation. It makes you feel good when an awesome song is playing and you are jamming out on a project.

7. Try to Exercise Before Work, Or After. Avoid eating Junk. Going to bed early and working out before or after work can put you in a better mental state. Also, if you eat well, that’s an added bonus.

8. Have to write an article? You could improve your writing skills. Boss yelled at you. Take it as an opportunity to grow. If you are positively focused on a goal, nothing can stop you.

9 . Think of your job as a practice. It will lift a hefty weight of your shoulders. You are not going to be in the same position forever. Think of your current role as practice for the future.

10. Email Yourself Your Ideas. I have found that if I wake up and have something on my mind at night, it helps to put it in an email. That way, you know you won’t forget it and can deal with it tomorrow. Sometimes, you can laugh at it and sometimes to it seriously the next day.

You will always have something to stress about. Things come and go. So, enjoy working with the right mentality.