3 Thoughts before going Social this Holiday

Social Media

The holiday season is in. All brands are gearing up to launch their seasonal marketing campaigns. After all, if you are interacting with customers at the busiest shopping time of the year, it has to be personalized. Apart from right channel, the other most important thing to consider revolves around language and culture.
To execute a successful, global customer strategy this holiday season, marketers should keep the following three tips in mind.

1. Social is not scary
Due to many cultural and language obstacles, few brands are reluctant to attempt to interact with consumers across different languages and cultures. Sensitivity is understandable, but complacency is not. There maybe an ocean of prospective consumers waiting to be explored on social media for your brand to engage with. A language barrier should never get in the way.

2. Language connects
There are many Fortune 500 companies that claim to deliver product information in up to 35 languages. The reality is that they do not exceed two. Consumers prefer to interact in their native language, but this gap hinders a positive experience. To take care of this, marketers should use translation and technology solutions to deliver content across different languages to new markets in real time.

3. Absorb different cultures
Localization can stretch much beyond translation during the holiday season, especially when annual holidays differ vastly based on location. When you receive a campaign message, the content must be personalized and relevant to the customer’s culture. It could include an appropriate holiday, native terms that are region specific, or even different customs. Combining localization services and technology to optimize multilingual content, multilingual SEO, social media analysis, etc. is a must.

As the economy is turning global, you will be seeing a greater demand for localized customer experiences. It is important to have a well grounded global strategy for engaging with customers. This opportunity should not be missed this holiday season.