JJ Livestock Task: Improving header, navigation and facebook page

JJ Livestock - Icon's in Drop Down Navigation

Every brand has a story

Graphics are the best way to make a connection with the customer. It has become a powerful story storytelling medium and an opportunity for brands to narrate their stories. Images are more powerful storytellers than words and any brand on Facebook will tell you that. Any admin of a Facebook page can rattle off a percentage increase when a post includes a compelling image vs. text alone. So, we decided to improve our look with an improved header, navigation and facebook page!

Our new look!

The cover photo of JJ Livestock highlights what they love-their livestock. Everything is designed for maximum feel good factor. JJ Livestock plans to update their fans on their latest news and of course, post lots of amazing pictures. When arriving at our facebook page, the visitor is greeted with a simple, yet bold colored cover page. You will be seeing updates, livestock for sale, information, great picture along with company news. We have also kept a call for action on our timeline to make it easy for the prospective customers to reach us.

Website header after:

JJ Livestock - Icon's in Drop Down Navigation

Website header before:

JJ Livestock