9 Ways to Use Simple WordPress Features to Rejuvenate your Website

Time for a WordPress Website Refresh?
Whether you are a novice user of the world’s leading blog platform WordPress or a seasoned pro, everyone can still use help from time to time. WordPress has made some great improvements in recent years, but as it’s improved, so have users’ expectations. With every new version of WordPress, there is also a wealth of hidden features and tools that many users don’t even know exist. There are lots of little tricks, hints, and shortcuts that will help business owners get more out of their website, while experienced users can enlist these tools to reduce downtime and save lots of time and effort on common tasks.


Here is a list of 9 tips you might have missed out on:

Old posts still have a lot to offer.

These posts may not be getting as much attention as they used to, but they can still bring you traffic and links. The best way to keep them relevant is to update them; maybe pull out an old post from your archives and add a new introduction or conclusion at the beginning or end. You can also keep older posts relevant by linking to them from newer ones, incorporating auto-scroll, or even just attaching eye-grabbing graphics.

Automatically embedded links will save you lots of time.

WordPress has an amazing feature called WordPress Embeds that allows you to automatically embed links in your posts and pages without having to do anything extra! This means that instead of manually typing out the URLs for each link and copying and pasting it into each post, you can simply paste in the URL once and have it appear automatically in all future posts with no fuss at all!

Adding multiple authors is easy and adds variety.

The WordPress platform makes it easy to add multiple authors to your blog or website. You can also give each one their profile page where they can post articles, products, or other information related to what they do. This adds variety and interest to your site while allowing you to expand into various fields without having to create separate sites for each topic.

Embedding audio and video can be quick and easy.

Sometimes you want to add a video or audio file to your site. The process may seem complicated, but it’s quite easy with WordPress. You just need to find an online hosting service like YouTube or SoundCloud, then copy its URL into the Embed feature in WordPress’ editor window.

Importing content from other websites

WordPress makes it easy to import content from other websites, including Tumblr and Blogger. If you have an existing website with a lot of content, it’s much easier to import it all into WordPress than try to manually recreate the site from scratch.

Creating galleries and slideshows

WordPress has built-in support for creating galleries and slideshows — no plugins needed! You can also create carousels using Jetpack, which is a plugin that comes bundled with WordPress by default (though it’s not activated by default). For example, if you want to create a static page with images on it, all you need is an image gallery widget from Jetpack or Genesis Simple Sidebar Widget (depending on your theme). If you want something more advanced like slideshows with captions or different transitions between images, check out Slideshow Pro for WordPress by Visual Composer Extensions

Using widgets to display content on your blog sidebar

WordPress widgets allow you to display extra information along with posts on your blog or website. You can use them for things like displaying archives, recent comments, related posts, or links back to external sites that are relevant but not necessarily directly connected with what you’re posting about now (such as blogrolls). Widgets also allow you to store data such as contact forms, social media links, events calendars, and more in archives so they stay out of the way when not needed but are still available easily when someone wants

Scheduling social media updates with Jetpack

Jetpack is a free plugin that comes bundled with WordPress. It adds several useful features to the software, including site performance monitoring, security checks, and more. One of the most underutilized features is the ability to schedule social media updates. You can use this feature to schedule posts on your blog or website across different social networks and automate content marketing efforts.

Adding pages and posts to categories manually or automatically

This is another feature people have been using for a while but never really thought about how useful it was until recently! When you add a page or post on your site, there’s usually an option at the bottom called “Categories.” If you hover over it, you’ll see a dropdown menu with all the different categories present on your website. This allows you to assign your new page or post to one of these categories so readers can find it more easily in search results. However, there’s another option that allows you to add items automatically based on certain criteria.


Now, with all these amazing features WordPress has to offer, we know it can be overwhelming navigating what features work best for your business. All websites share the same ultimate goal, to attract new visitors and encourage them to take action. Whether it’s subscribing to your newsletter or clicking on a link, you want people to come back to your site again and again. No matter what product or service you are selling we will craft an efficient WordPress strategy to boost traffic.

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