Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Test it!

mobile-friendlyWe’ve talked before on the blog about the importance of mobile access to your consumers.  But do you realize how critical making your website mobile friendly is?  According to this stat, 75% of Americans access the internet via their mobile devices.  That’s a massive statistic and an excellent reason to get your website in gear to become mobile friendly as soon as possible.

When an individual makes use of the search engine on their phone, they’re going to see basically the same thing they see on a desktop.  And then said search engine (Google in most cases) will give them a list of the top ranking hits associated with their search.

Seems simple enough.  However, the catch and the not so simple part of this is where you, your business, and the website representing your business falls on that list that Google presents to your consumer.  If your website isn’t mobile friendly, Google isn’t going to appreciate that and may not shoot your site up to the top of the rankings.

Even if your website does happen to still rank high enough for a consumer to notice and click on while they’re on their cell phone or tablet, consider this:  can they effectively navigate your site from their mobile device?

Have you ever pulled up a website on your phone only to realize the text isn’t completely on your screen, the font is way too small to read without zooming in, and making any sort of navigational selection is nearly impossible?  If your website isn’t mobile friendly, that’s exactly what you’re doing to your consumers.  You’re not only giving them a subpar experience with your brand, you’re giving them a reason to bounce out of your site and find what they’re looking for from your competitors.

This is a no-brainer and a can easily be tested if you’re not sure of your site’s mobile-friendliness.  Click here to test how your website performs on mobile devices and contact JJ Web Services to up your web game if your score is less than stellar.