Why you need to get on board with Mobile App Development

There is a fad that has been overcoming our world for the past few decades:  the fad of mobile devices. It started with Motorola cell-phones and has since evolved to ever-evolving smart phones and hand-held tablets with the technology of a full-sized computer. Smart phones and tablets are continuing to be made more efficient and many users are making the shift to the mobile device world. As a business it’s important that you make this shift too and pursue mobile app development.

You may be thinking:

“I’ve made my site mobile friendly, I don’t need a mobile app too.”

However, a mobile friendly site and a mobile application for your company are very different. In fact, according to this statistic, since the launch of mobile apps in the early 2000’s, the access of websites via mobile browsers has dropped over 25% translating to a mobile app gain. Mobile apps for businesses are being used 6 times more often than their website and this number has continued to climb since 2011.

Here are a sampling of the many benefits mobile apps offer a business:

  • Improve your brand
  • Increase your business visibility
  • Create a sense of comfort and ease for users
  • Be in the hands of your customers daily (literally)
  • Option for quick in-app purchases to appeal to people on-the-go

Creating a mobile app for your business would allow you to reach a new group of people while strengthening current relationships with loyal customers. With a mobile app, you can reach users faster than ever before with real-time push notifications. Promote sales and new products, welcome a new staff member, or share the latest news on a more personal and instantaneous level. Having a mobile app to promote new products for your business could be the difference between making a sale in one hour or one month.

Mobile App DesignWhether your business is just starting or well-developed, large or small, a mobile application can truly be an asset not only to your company but to your customers as well. Give your business another way to stand out and your customers another reason to promote you; develop a mobile app for your brand!

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