Simple WordPress Tips To Get Your Blog Running

Blog Tips

WordPress is a platform for writing professional blogs. Its flexibility cannot be duplicated by many CMS systems. We have highlighted some tips to enable you to blog on WordPress quickly. • If your post has a long title, adjust your permalink. Instead of having “top-tips-for-couples-to-enjoy-their-relationship.” You can instead have your permalink as “relationship-tips-couples,” (or anything…

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Sucuri: Your Website Security


You wouldn’t let a stranger into your home. Without proper website security, you’re inviting hackers to invade your digital home with open arms. You’ve worked hard on promoting your business through a professional website: follow through and protect it with Sucuri.   In every aspect of life you hear reminders about safety: “wear your helmet,”…

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Word Press

Be it a small business or a blog, there are a few reasons why you should consider using WordPress. First, it is free and open source. Second, it is popular with beginners and experts alike as it is customizable and easy to learn. With no experience in web design or programming required, WordPress is an…

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3 Easy WordPress Security Tips To Protect Your Site

Word Press Security

Most of the time, you do not need to log into your WordPress site with full Administrator privilege as an Editor role has the ability to assign posts or pages to any author on a site. You do not need to log into your WordPress site with full administrator privileges all the time. Make it…

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5 Simple WordPress Tricks

5 Simple Wordpress Tricks

At JJ Web Services, we provide information and guidance you need to run a successful online enterprise. WordPress is such an amazing platform that you can do almost anything with it. We have been working with WordPress for a very long time now continuing to discover more tips and tricks as WordPress progresses. 1. FeedBurner…

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7 Tricks to accelerate the speed of WordPress

7 Tricks to accelerate the speed of WordPress

7 Tricks to accelerate the speed of WordPress Speed is the key word for all things these days. What are the traits of  a speedy WordPress website? A good WordPress website will always outshine others in terms of  conversations, usability, SEO, likeablity and time people spend browsing. How do you increase the speed of a…

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Finding the Right Website Plugin

website plugins

Not every business owner knows what a website plugin is, but the fact of the matter is that any successful website needs to have plugins. A plugin is an embedded code that runs a more advanced program than what is normally allowed by regular HTML. Software to read the code must be installed on the…

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Website Plugins and website upgrades make you a player

The World Wide Web is making business a little bit easier every day.  A website can sell itself- the pictures, the information, the goods all of these things will help create a buzz and show off your professionalism.  Website plugins, such as scrolling advertisements can be added to your website to up your monetary intake…

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