Quality vs. Quantity: Maximize Content for SEO


The Dirty Trap of Keyword Repetition It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that in order for your website to rank highly among search engines, you need to pack it full of repetitive keyword phrases and redundant content.  You might even think you can trick a search engine algorithm into noticing your…

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Improve SEO Rankings in Wisconsin

Improve SEO Rankings

By now, most of us know that increasing web traffic is critical to business. More and more, people are turning to the internet to find goods and services. Gone are the days when everyone picked up a phone book or printed publication to find sales or services. These days, people simply log onto their computers,…

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Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Test it!


We’ve talked before on the blog about the importance of mobile access to your consumers.  But do you realize how critical making your website mobile friendly is?  According to this stat, 75% of Americans access the internet via their mobile devices.  That’s a massive statistic and an excellent reason to get your website in gear…

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3 Simple Web Marketing Strategies


In a world where digital media reigns supreme, ensuring your web marketing strategies are top notch can be the difference between sink or swim for your company.  Educating yourself and your team on these tactics will help you to stand out and catch the eye of your ideal audience in a digitally saturated culture.  Follow…

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Google says get your websites mobile-friendly before April 21, 2015

Google Changes Search Policy

Google has released a new update that websites that are mobile friendly will be given firstpreference when it comes to site ranking. This rule will be effective April 21, 2015. The new update clearly indicates that websites that are not optimized for mobile will have lower preference in search results. In 2014, Google started highlighting…

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How to bring users on different channels?


Here are a few tips that will help you gain the attention of new users. Know how to engage and retain audience to get the most out of your social marketing. Use search optimization strategies in your social profiles. Your profile is the frost point of contact for a potential audience so make it sure…

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5 Simple To-dos To Get Your Mobile SEO Rolling

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is booming, but when you discover that you really have no concrete plan or strategy to reach mobile searchers, a panic sets in. We have been there before, and there is no need to worry. Here, are a few simple tips to help you recover from your panic attack and prepare you for…

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5 SEO concepts that have faded away with 2013

seo services company

The foundation of SEO may have not changed much over the past 15 years, but the concept of creating good content and obtaining quality links definitely have. Here are a list of concepts that have faded with 2013. 1. Keywords are essential To Search Results The search is not about keywords but the intent. The…

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Is your Mobile, social media friendly?

Social Media On Mobile

We are quite attached to our smartphones, and these devices will always out do e-mail accounts for communication. Mobile-friendly and social media outlets should be at the forefront of your platform. Here are a few tips to help you out. Adjust your Facebook posts If you find that you are getting a majority of likes…

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5 Silly Content Promotion Mistakes

Website Blog services

5 Silly Content Promotion Mistakes You have created content- a blog, report or even a video –  with an expectation that it will generate some activity. Guess what, that does not happen. You might beat yourself down by asking what went wrong? What makes one piece of content get thousands of views and shares, while…

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Are Press Releases Losing Their Value?

Are Press Releases Losing Their Value?

Are Press Releases Losing Their Value? In the past, a press release was a pretty powerful tool. It gave your intermediary audience (reporters) the breaking news and basic information to spread your story to your primary audience (investors, customers, prospects, etc) Companies now have a variety of ways to reach their prime audience. They can…

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